• Contributions of Central Research Institute for Agriculture

    Aims and Scope Contributions of Central Research Institute for Agriculture encourages the submission of manuscripts that deal with all aspects of optimizing the quality and quantity of both plant and animal yield and final products. These aspects include agricultural economics and management, agricultural engineering and mechanization, agronomy and crop science, fish breeding, poultry breeding, plants and animals breeding, biotechnology, molecular biology, genetic diversity and breeding, food science and technology, land resources, land use, and remote sensing.

  • Digital Business: Tren Bisnis Masa Depan

    Digital Business: Tren Bisnis Masa Depan is a journal that is generally integrated in the fields of economics, management and business. This journal encourages writers or lecturers and students engaged in economics, management and business to be able to submit their manuscripts for publication. The aspects collected include: Management, Economics, Business, Banking, Accounting, Actuarial, Sharia Economics, Development Economics, Digital Business, Entrepreneurship, Financial Management, Advertising, Human Resource Management, Natural Resource Management, Marketing Management, Sharia Accounting, Islamic Banking, Secretary, Culinary Business, Fiscal Administration, Commerce, Business Management, Accounting Computerization, International Business and Syahriah Business Management.

  • Requisitoire Law Enforcement

    Requisitoire Law Enforcement is a double blind peer-reviewed journal published by Central Research Institute for Agriculture (CeRIA). The Journal is published two times a year, every May and November. Requisitoire Law Enforcement is a Scientific Journal of Law that has specificities in the fields of Law Reform including Criminal Law, Private and Commercial Law, Administrative and Constitutional Law, International Law, Land and Agrarian Law, Tax Law, Health Law, social science, political science, international relations, communication science, government science, psychology, sociology, Islamic law, business law, as well as general reviews of developmental theory, methods, and related applied sciences and many more. The Journal exclusively published in English and uses the Open Access Journal (OJS) system.