Peer Review Process

Requisitoire Law Enforcement adopts a Double Blind Peer Review process which is closely supervised by the editors. Editors conduct editorial reviews to assess the quality and type of submissions before submitting them to the review process. Manuscripts that do not meet scientific standards and fields of science in the scope and focus of the journal will not be considered for the review process. Authors are expected to pay attention to the journal's author guidelines before submitting a manuscript. The editor will also check for readability, use of grammar, and may request resubmission if the paper is rated poorly within these parameters.

The editor will contact 2 or more reviewers to review the articles that have been submitted. Once the manuscript is sent to them, with periodic reminders of their due date. Reviewers will receive article manuscripts without knowing who owns the article. After all the reviews have been done in person, the Editor in charge of the manuscript will most likely make a decision within a day or two. The editor will then contact the author regarding the decision. In this case the authors do not know who has reviewed their manuscript.

The author may differ from the reviewer's comments which are supported by rational explanations which will be checked by the Editor and can be sent back to the Reviewer. However, offensive comments on reviewer comments will be subject to unpublishing.

Editorial assessment is also carried out after the refereeing process is complete before finally recommending papers for journals or otherwise.